In 1968 We started a joint venture company named, Koshin-Racine, with U.S.Racine Hydraulics and started to produce variable volume vane pumps and we entered into hydraulic business.
In 1998 we completed development of the series of solenoid type cartridge valves, and we started to produce hydraulic valves for construction machinery, hydraulic power unit for commercial vehicles , by utilizing the developed cartridge valves.
In 2001, We started production of the hydraulic unit for commercial vehicles in Dalian China.
Furthermore, the start of production of the hydraulic equipment for agricultural machines was carried out in Dalian.
The agricultural machine makers started their plant in China as a production base for China and Southeast Asian market.
In accordance with it, they asked us to supply our products at a point in China, By such progress our supply to our customers at a point in china gradually started.

   Energy-saving type variable volume vane pump.                    Variable volume vane pump

  Cartridge valve

  Cylinder to operate wing

  Hydraulic unit for wing control

  Hydraulic products used on tractor for back hoe                    Cylinder case Ass’y

  Auxiliary control valve                                             Selector valve for PTO

  Cylinder control valve

  Counter balance valve                                Selector valve

  Multi control valve                                           Pilot check valve

  Relief valve with check