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subsidiary in Dalian China

Nishiumi Group

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To provide products, which are trusted by customers, and to satisfy customers, we improve the quality, cost and delivery continuously and aim to activate our company.
All organizations in business activities aim to save resources and energies ,reduce wastes,promote the recycling activity and effective applications of resources at every active area.
We always aware the influence to the environment , have an aim and check and reexamine it regularly while trying to improve the environment.
We obey the environmental regulations and in addition, take the environmental improvement in actively, which is based on voluntary control.
We carry out an internal audit, and improves independently about an environment management organization, purpose, aim, continuously.
Educate and enlighten employee to execute their responsbility to the environment.
This policy go public if it is requested by outside.
  Representtive Director & President     Sugano yoshimasa