Corporate Profile



subsidiary in Dalian China

Nishiumi Group

Overseas Partners

Founded 1913
Registered 1934
Paid in Capital 100 million yen
Sales 5,600 million yen
Location 1-1-12,Shinsayama,Sayama,Saitama,Japan
Employees 253 : April 2020
Production Items Parts for Railroad Vehicle, Hydraulic Products,
Parts for Commercial Vehicles,
Hydraulic Products for Agriculteral Machinery,
and for Construction machinery,
Parts for Industrial Machinery.
July.1913 Inaugurated as a company designated by the Ministry of Railways in manufacturing parts for railroad vehicle
May. 1927 Renamed as Koshin Seikosho
June. 1934 Renamed as Koshin Seikosho, Ltd. (capitalized at ¥250,000)
Feb. 1944 Moved to Nukui-cho,Nerima-ku Tokyo. Head office and Nerima plant opened
Oct. 1968 The first stage construction of Sayama Factory
Oct. 1968 Based on a preceded license agreement and joint venture agreement ,established "Koshin-Racine,Ltd.),jointly owned by Koshin-Seikosho.,Ltd and Racine Hydraulics (now Bosch Rexroth)
May. 1976 The capital increased to 100million yen
July. 1983 Big assembly shop added to Sayama plant to take order and manufacture automobile-related machines.
July. 1986 Started production and sales of Pipe Thread Rolling machine.
Oct. 1992 Koshin Seikosho and Koshin-Racine were merged into one and called as Koshin Seikosho thereafter.
Oct. 1992 Koshin Knorr Ltd. was established. It is a company jointly owned by Knorr Bremze AG, Koshin Seikosho Ltd. and Mitsui & Co, Ltd.
Oct. 1999 Completed a development of the VE type pantograph for commuter train.
Aug. 2000 Started a production in Dalian, China
Mar. 2001 In Dalian,China, Production of oil hydraulic valves and cylinders started.
Sept. 2001 ISO14001 authentication acquired.
Dec. 2001 Started the sales activity to the agricultural machine field.
Jan. 2003 Dalian Koshin Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in the Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone,China.
Dec. 2006 Completed a development of the new type pantograph for N700 type Shinkansen "NOZOMI".
May. 2008 The new factory of the Dalian Koshin Machinery Co., Ltd.
AUG. 2010 ISO9001 authentication acquired
June. 2013 rating the 100th anniversary of its founding