Our company inaugurated an enterprise as a Railroad Ministry designated factory. At the beginning , parts for steam loco , parts for railroad vehicles,and parts for vessels were manufactured. After the end of the Last War, according to electrification of the vehicles of National Railways, we started production of a pantograph.

In 1963 production of reduction gears and reversing gear for diesel cars was started.
The business of the Shinkansen was started in 1964 and Koshin design pantograph was adopted.
In 1998 Koshin design pantograph was adopted as the Shinkansen 700 system.
In the same year, Koshin design single arm type pantograph was adopted as the commuter train, suburbs train, etc..

  Pantograph for SHINKANSEN Series N700

  Pantograph for ordinary coach

  Electric current collector for monorail coach

 Reduction gear for Diesel cars

  Electric current collector for the new transportatiom system for airport